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Passive asset management – at a glance

With locations in the world’s major financial centers, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management
provides transparent and cost-effective passive investment products to institutional and private

Origination, issuance and distribution of investment products across all asset classes and product
wrappers include ETFs, ETCs, systematic funds, certificates, warrants as well as passive
institutional mandates.

EUR 96.65 bn

of assets under management in total¹



¹ Source: Deutsche Bank, Passive AM / Data: as of March 31, 2013.


largest Passive Asset Manager in Europe based on AuM¹

Warrants & Certificates
  • Origination, issuance and distribution of structured trading & investment products (certificates, warrants, notes)
  • Self-directed investors (flow): Average number of trades per day more than 13,500 and average ticket size of EUR 14,800 (in 2012)1.
  • Quote requests around 197,000 per day (Germany only)1.
  • 134,500 outstanding & listed products1.
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128,956 outstanding & listed products in Germany only1

Leading market positions in core markets in certificates & warrants business:

Germany (#1) 2

Switzerland (#8) 3

Turkey (#1) 4

Leading in Italy, Spain, South Africa, Poland

Sources: 1 Deutsche Bank, 2 DDV, 3 SVSP, 4 C22
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Origination, issuance and distribution of exchange traded funds issued in Luxembourg, Ireland and US (NYSE)
  • Launch in 2006 with the PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund (DBC) and as of end Dec. 2012 is ranked #2 in Europe and #5 globally by assets AUM1
  • #1 in Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong in terms of product offering1
  • First provider of physical and synthetic replicated ETFs on the same index
  • Over 780 listings in Europe, Americas & Asia
  • #1 issuer in the futures-based commodity ETFs, by AUM
  • Largest broad commodity ETF in the world (DBC)
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258 funds across asset classes with overEUR 48.7 bn

assets under management1

149 equities

developed and emerging markets, short indices

80 Fixed Income

bonds, credit (long / short), money market

7 currencies 11 Commodities 9 multi asset 2 Hedge Funds
1 Source: Deutsche Bank – Markets Research Company data as of December 31, 2012
Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC)
  • Origination, issuance and distribution of exchange traded commodities
  • Comprehensive product platform launched in March 2010 with 9 ETCs
  • Secured – Full collateralization with physical gold (or equivalent precious metal)
  • Liquidity – ETC are traded intra-day on major European stock exchanges, with Deutsche Bank providing intra-day market making and therefore a high level of liquidity
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60 products launched and 100 European listings with EUR 2.79 bn

assets under management1






Industrial metals

1 Source: Deutsche Bank – Markets Research. Company data as of December 31, 2012
Systematic Funds
  • Origination, issuance and distribution of beta and beta+ funds investing across the range of asset classes using proprietary DB systematic investment strategies
  • Systematic Funds also works with third party investment managers to launch UCITS funds and can provide bespoke funds tailored to a client’s individual specifications
  • Public distribution in Europe & Asia, institutional distribution globally (ex-US)
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Launched in 2002 5 funds with 5 star 8 funds with 4 star

ratings from Morningstar1

Current AuM of EUR

8.5 bn


invested in over 80 funds domiciled in Luxembourg, Ireland and the Cayman Islands

1 Source: Morningstar Germany
  • Index-related strategies for institutional clients
  • Coverage of (almost) all important asset classes and all typical index families and in customized benchmarks
  • Until the end of 2009: only segregated accounts for institutional investors, often with customized benchmark and/or customized investment universe
  • Additional since 2009: “Spezialfonds” for several clients (“pooled funds”) and mutual funds for institutional clients¹
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Physical replication, investments in real securities

Stocks Bonds
Reliable achievement of the index return (Beta = 1.0) and of a moderate additional return if applicable
1 Not all investment strategies / vehicles may be available in a given jurisdiction